B.Y.O.B. Policy

B.Y.O.B. Policy

While Kemistry Hookah Lounge does not offer alcoholic beverages, we do offer white-glove B.Y.O.B. service. Whether you need a bottle opener to pop the cork or an ice bucket for champagne, we are happy to oblige. Kemistry Hookah Lounge is thrilled to be a part of your celebration whether it is a birthday, engagement, or just TGIF.

Chilled Wine

If you are interested in shisha pairings, we are happy to make flavor recommendations based on what you have brought. In fact, pairing shisha based on flavor is a great way to explore new avenues of your favorite hobby. Just like chocolate and cheese to wine, the right shisha can bring out complex flavor profiles in your drink and enhance your experience.

Chilled Beer

For more information about any of our B.Y.O.B. policies or to inquire about any of our other services, feel free to give us a call. Part of what sets Kemistry Hookah Lounge apart from our competitors is that we make customer service our top priority, so stop in today and join us for a relaxing experience with friends and family.

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